Project Description

Kadevra Kamera

Inspection camera special designed by abbox

2K camera

18 power leds

Aluminium cooling disk

Strong fix holder

Light ABS plastic body

This inspection camera

will record and translate

the operation  you are

currently making

on the computer

in real life with high

resolution to analyse

every single detail



All of our team members have added their ideas and suggestions into this camera to make it outstanding


Our certified designers have worked over this camera’s design to make it comfortable for users and resistible for the high temperature of LED’s


We have used the high quality prototyping tools like 3D printers and ABS plastic to make the prototype light and realistic



description of the company

Obligations taken by the firm were fully implemented. I look forward to further cooperation and recommend Abbox as a reliable partner for implementing design projects

Aydin Yasar, SparkGO